How soon will I be making money?




  • Kelly

    How long does it take to get paid once you make a sale?

    What are the different ways to get paid (e.g. check, direct deposit, etc.)?

  • Tracy Plumlee

    Commissions are accumulated from the 1st through the end of each month and then held for 30 days to allow for refunds.  After the 30 day hold period, commission payments are processed on the first of the following month.  For example, commissions earned in June will be paid out on August 1st.

    US affiliates are paid by check and international affiliates are paid by either Paypal or Payza.

  • Kelly

    Can US affiliates be paid via PayPal if they like?

    If not, why not?

  • Tracy Plumlee

    We only pay US affiliates by check for tax reporting reasons.

  • Timothy Davis
    I need to make money before the end of the mouth.

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